Shona Guthrie

Designing and Maintaining WordPress Websites for Small Businesses

Who we are

Shona Guthrie Website Development provides small business owners with an appropriate web site design and maintenance that meets their needs and the needs of the wider community.

All websites built and designed by Shona Guthrie Website Development are:

  • responsive (they can be used on phones, tablets and computers), and
  • accessible (they can be used by people with disabilities).

We love to please our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use the Contact Us (contact) page to get in contact with us.

Our Services


From $1,000 and $60 per hour
Website development and design services can range from providing information and undertaking the build, to undertaking a build with your information.


from $50 per hour
Ensuring your website is maintained to provide security and content revision.

Our Staff

Shona Guthrie

Owner / Developer

I have committed myself to providing accessible and responsive websites to small businesses.  Knowing people with both vision and physical disabilities, I ensure that all my websites are easy for them to understand and navigate, and that all sites work across many platforms.

I also ensure that maintenance on websites is appropriate and cost-effective, depending on your business needs.


Associates are sub-contractors hand-picked and employed by Shona Guthrie Website Development on an as-needs basis to ensure work can be completed within appropriate timeframes, utilising specific skill sets. This keeps overheads low and passes the savings to clients.

If you would like to become one of our associates, please email your resume, specific skill sets, and your hourly rate.

Admin Staff

Admin staff are sub-contractors hired on an as-needs basis.

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If you are calling from Australia, please call +61 2 8003 5565..

As we have clients worldwide, please email us so we can provide you with contact details in your country, if you are not calling from Australia.